Current employment and healthcare systems prevent

Black people in Lambeth from thriving

We see this issue as having three interlinked components:

Black people disproportionately bear the burden of long-term conditions in Lambeth

According to the GSTC “One to Many” report, more than 1 in 5 residents in Lambeth live with at least one long-term condition. Over 19,000 live with multiple long-term conditions (three or more). Even though Black communities only make up 18% of Lambeth’s adult population, they account for 27% of people with multiple long-term conditions. Additionally, Black people in Lambeth develop multiple long-term conditions 10 years earlier than White people. Fundamentally, Black people in Lambeth disproportionately acquire long-term conditions and begin suffering with them earlier than White people, reducing the length and quality of their lives.

Black people have a less positive experience of the
labour market

In Lambeth, Black residents are four times more likely to be unemployed than White residents. When they are employed, they are disproportionately engaged in insecure, low-paid and dangerous work which harms mental and physical health. In addition, Black people can face racism and discrimination in the workplace, which negatively impacts mental well-being. Together these factors mean that Black people are less likely to be in employment and when they are employed, are less likely to have good and meaningful work.

There is a lack of evidence on what works to support Black people with LTCs into employment

Whilst there is a vast literature examining employment and health, this rarely focuses on the particular needs, experiences and outcomes of Black people (as opposed to BME/BAME groups). The evidence base has yet to examine what works for Black people with long-term conditions in relation to their employment outcomes. Therefore, the development of new evidence which focuses on the links between Black people’s experience of health and (un)employment is urgently needed.


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