Who have we funded?

We are delighted to introduce our cohort of successful grantees. The following thirteen projects all applied to the grant fund and were selected by our Employment Working Group.

This cohort are bringing their skills, expertise and passion to pilot new approaches to providing employment support for Black people with long-term conditions in Lambeth.

Our Grantees

Round 1 Grantees

Andrea Wright

Black Swan is an initiative founded by Andrea Wright that embodies indigenous approaches to disrupt dominant narratives towards health and wellbeing. In response to the current health inequalities in Lambeth, Black Swan’s focus for 2021 is to deliver a Wellness to Work project that addresses challenges of Black people living with long-term conditions, barriers to employment and structural racism. Black Swan’sWellness to Work project centralises the expertise of individuals with lived experience and their carers to become active agents in creating the strategies to improve work force potential by sharing communal knowledge. The project aims to measure outcomes that demonstrate confidence and creative development towards meaningful employment. The project is informed by Andrea Wright’s Jamaican heritage living within Lambeth and her knowledge of being a carer, as well as a health professional with lived experience of using the body’s healing wisdom. Black Swan exists to enable collective empowerment to improve life expectancy and wellbeing.

To apply to Black Swan, please register here.


Katakata is a community hub, restaurant and arts venue based on Brixton Hill. We provide culturally influenced and healthy food for the community, and run a variety of multicultural events. We’re about arts and expression rather than exclusivity. Everybody should have the right to access creativity. Every person is welcome.

Our project aims to catalyse a network of Black social entrepreneurs in Lambeth; providing support and stability through nested interventions which will enable growth of skills, confidence and connection. Each cohort of six individuals will follow a six-month program, including; paid employment, shared meals, the opportunity to volunteer in our community garden, a social enterprise training course, mentoring, and a pitch competition to win start-up funding for their idea. As part of the project we will launch a market stall at Pop-up Brixton, and use any surplus income to create ongoing funding for the project.

Come say hi, and try our delicious African Galettes! And you can order take away from us online too.

If you are interested in joining our programme, please email with a paragraph about yourself and why you are interested in the programme. Please use the subject line ‘Black Thrive Employment Programme’.

Paws & Pause

Paws & Pause is a social enterprise dog day care. We look after people’s dogs, whilst also delivering traineeships for people in long term unemployment due to mental illness and substance addiction. 

Paws and Pause advocates that animals, and in particular dogs, can act as a catalyst to help to engage people living with mental health difficulties and/or substance use challenges in their recovery journey. We are passionate about the connection between dogs and the improvement of well-being for all people and engage in promoting this to the wider public. 

Our mission is to provide training and employment opportunities in a therapeutic and animal-based workplace to support people into their next steps of work, further education or self-employment. We provide this service in a professional, caring and enriching environment. Our primary goal, unlike traditional employment programmes, is for our trainees to feel  employableand to be instilled with the confidence to make empowered employment choices. 

Find out more about our work here! Email our Volunteer Coordinator Jo Watson: for an application form or to find out if your client is suitable for our project.

CS Coaching & Development Ltd

CS Coaching & Development Ltd will design and deliver 6 month project focused on improving employment outcomes for Black people with long-term health conditions in LambethWorking with a Lambeth secondary school and identified parents, the aim will be to support those Black parents of at-risk disadvantaged secondary school students. Coaching for Success will provide each parent with 6 coaching sessions across a 6 month period with access to a 3 month membership support programme. The participants will be identified through analysis of student baseline data including those at risk of exclusion, Pupil Premium students and those underachieving and/or not engaging

The project is based on the premise that if we can build aspiration and confidence in parents, improving their employment opportunities, this will lead to greater parental engagement and increased student engagement thereby breaking down barriers and creating more opportunities for diversity at all levels in society.   

Interested in joining? Get in touch via email on or 07958 468 147

Aspire to Inspire Dyslexia

A2i Dyslexia presents ‘Create Your Future with Dyslexia Lambeth’, where we will deliver a virtual programme over 18 months from 4 January 2021 offering flexible 1:1 support and online workshops. This new programme is for Black Lambeth residents with dyslexia and other learning differences who are facing barriers to training or employment. Each online workshop will be followed by an additional 2hrs allowed for career coaching and questions. 

We aim to support 30 people to identify their employment focussed goals and overcome any barriers relating to their disability or health conditions, in order to progress into work or into training. We will also offer a limited amount of funded Dyslexia Assessments or Workplace Needs Assessments for those who have not been diagnosed, where a diagnosis will assist them to gain specialist support. Our online workshops will focuon building confidence, skills and basic literacy, IT/Digital skills and include guest speakers on relevant subjects. 

Follow our progress on our Twitter, Instagram and YouTube at @A2iDyslexia and on Facebook at Aspire2inspire Dyslexia. If you would like to join the project, please email including ‘Black Thrive Employment Project’ in the subject line.

Vicky Quadri

The aim of Ms. Unique’s Sew Along project is to support Black people with long-term conditions to participate in weekly sewing classes. These people may be unemployed, have a mental health illness, or may have a lack of opportunities which they are struggling with. They will be taught the fundamentals of how to thread a sewing machine, use it correctly, run through health and safety of the machine and the fun part is that she will teach them how to create their own accessories from their new sewing skill.  

‘You don’t have a machine?’… don’t worry! You will be able to rent or borrow a machine from us to get you started on your sewing journey. We just want you to join us and be open-minded about the wonderful things you can create and the possibility to build your own marketplace to sell your own products. Amazing right!  

Apply to the project today here!

Connect with Vicky via any socials: @uniqueidfashion or email her on for further details.

The Ubele Initiative

The Ubele Initiative (Ubele) is an African Diaspora led intergenerational social enterprise that derives its name from the Swahili word which means ‘The Future’. Since 2014, Ubele has been helping to build more sustainable communities across the UK .

Ubele supports a wide range of communities, community-based organisations and groups with their community assets (people and physical spaces), though social action, community enterprise development and next generation leadership initiatives. This includes domino clubs in the Lambeth area, which will be the direct beneficiaries of this project. Engagements geared at bridging the digital divide and sustaining socialization amongst the Afro-Caribbean community during Covid-19 have uncovered various challenges related to long term conditions and unemployment (as well as underemployment). Ubele is delighted to be amongst the grantees for the Black Thrive Employment Project. The project, Black on Track, aims to empower participants by increasing their awareness of their skills, providing them with training to develop new skills and creating social entrepreneurship opportunities. The project will also use systems mapping as a tool to further understand the employment environment for People of Colour aged 35-55 who are unemployed or underemployed.

Applications are open via this short form!

Ulanah Morris

Ulanah Morris has been working within the field of holistic healing, counselling and education for over 25 years. Consciously creating success and health – an online Self-care and Well-Being programme for Black people is an enhanced or radical self-care, trauma-sensitive programme, with stress management tools and mindfulness techniques to support Black people in work and living with a long-term condition. It runs over 6 weeks, for 1 hour each week and is an experiential workshop programme with an additional 1-1 coaching and mentoring session for each participant of half an hour duration. The emphasis of the programme will be on discovering and practising self-care tools for mental and physical health and well-being. Participants will leave with a list of simple tools and techniques that may be applied to everyday life and living, work, career and health.   

Ulanah is enthusiastic and steadfast in her health-enhancing practises and is highly committed to Self-care and sharing simple tools and techniques which she does with lightness, warmth and humour.  

Applications to the programme opening soon!

Our Grantees

Round 2 Grantees

The Diverse Creative CIC

The Homecoming programme is a one-of-a-kind experience for Lambeth residents aged 18-45 with a long-term health condition. The programme has been curated to reinforce the importance of self-value, confidence, and a positive career trajectory that they believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience within the scope of their careers.

The foundation of the Homecoming Programme has been built on lived experience, local research, and cultural nuances. It is guided by community member experts and supported by those who have been pinned with similar labels when seeking the kind of employment that speaks to an individual’s strengths and career aspirations.

The Homecoming programme comprises three key components that The Diverse Creative CIC genuinely believe are non-negotiable if the goal is to speak and take action towards sustainable change for Lambeth’s Black and Disabled employees.

  • Support, Mindset and Guidance: This includes six relevant training sessions with community experts, support from a disability coach, confidence coach, leading career coach, psychometric testing, dyslexia screening and high-touch support that sits outside of training sessions.
  • The Report: A qualitative report that will gather data on the experience of the Black, Disabled employee.
  • Online Network: A safe space for our clients, which will run for six months post-training to assist with additional needs, offer tools, resources and relevant masterclasses.

To register your interest in The Homecoming programme, please click HERE

Diversity Dana

Diversity Dana is an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist whose passion comes from her own experiences of finding her feet in UK society after moving from her native Trinidad as a young adult. She has made it her mission to help companies build brands and inclusive cultures that are representative of the wider world around us, where differences are respected and valued, where team members want to stick around, where no one feels like an outsider and where everyone can flourish.

Dana’s Possibility Project aims to tell the stories of Black people who have managed to forge a place for themselves in the world of work despite long-term health conditions. By sharing their journey as first-person narrative, in both video and print, the project aims to not only inspire those looking for work with all that is possible, but also to provide practical guidance to both job-seekers and potential employers around how reasonable adjustments can be made and funded to allow those with long-term health conditions to thrive in the workplace.

To tell your story as part of the project, or to find our more and volunteer to assist please e-mail


Renaisi is a social enterprise working in communities in North and South London to support people back into work.

Their project, Employment and Health Shared Referral System, will pilot a shared referral system between providers of employment, health, and social inclusion services within Lambeth, and will support 20 individuals who have disengaged from support. The project aims to test whether better coordination and collaboration between providers leads to higher quality support and service provision for Black people with long-term health conditions. Renaisi will lead on the Coordination of the shared referral system, case management to support the individuals referred into the system, and undertake evaluation of the project.

As part of this project they aim to engage and work in partnership with other Black Thrive grantees who are bringing their expertise and passion to employment support.

If you are interested in being a partner, or finding out more about the project, please contact Jenny McConnel at

RTW Plus

Deborah Edwards is RTW Plus’ co-founder and nurse case manager whose aims are to provide support and guidance in the use and development of rehabilitation services. Dr Devdeep Ahuja, also co-founder, is RTW Plus clinical director whose background is in physiotherapy, complex trauma, amputations and chronic pain, case management and clinical leadership.

Both have a wealth of experience in the biopsychosocial approach to pain management and virtual rehabilitation and together they developed Living Well with Pain, which is designed to teach strategies to help people in pain understand that they can live better lives by following simple techniques.

After completing Module 1, Empowered Relief Pain Class, participants will understand how pain works in the body and brain and create a personal pain plan to help them achieve their personal goals for life.

Modules 2 and 3, Managing Work with Chronic Pain and Career Development Workshop, both use the techniques learnt from Module 1 to manage the physical challenge of work. In addition, and despite pain, people learn how to navigate the workplace or even find new work by understanding what participants can do to help themselves and how to improve relationships at work and communication with employers and colleagues.

If you are interested in joining the programme, please visit

Suzette Metz

Access to Health and Employment is an initiative to deliver a 12-month employment project for Black Lambeth residents with long-term health conditions (LTC) and disabilities. It aims to address inequalities in health, employment and structural racism for Black residents. The project starts in May 2021 and will offer 1-1 support and workshops for residents with LTC/ disabilities to help them gain and sustain employment. Suzette will deliver, 1-1 sessions and workshops, as well as providing access to a personal development program and support for residents who are employed and are having trouble retaining their jobs as a result of LTC/disabilities.

The aim of the project is to use her years of experience as an employment specialist and mentor/ coach to support individuals achieve their employment goals, as well as to engage employers to raise their awareness around employing people with LTC/disabilities.

The project also aims to raise awareness and support for both job seekers and employers on how to apply for Access to Work funding, that individuals with LTC/disabilities, or mental health condition can apply for to provide practical and financial support to retain and sustain employment.

If you would like to join the project, please email including ‘Black Thrive Employment Project’ as the subject of your email.


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